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About Us

Over 10+ Years Experience
In Editing and Proofreading Service

Based just outside Tauranga in New Zealand’s beautiful Bay of Plenty, 100% Proof Limited was established in 2013. The company owners, Chad Dick and Kaye Robinson, have helped clients in New Zealand and around the world with a range of different written work, including scientific papers, technical manuals, business plans, letters, theses, reports, manuscripts for novels and non-fiction books, and short story collections. We love the beauty of clear, well-written English, and the satisfaction of helping clients to get their message across in the best possible way.

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Terms and Conditions

Our Guarantee:

We guarantee to:

If you are not completely satisfied with our service, let us know immediately. We will endeavour to rectify any issues promptly.
Note that while we will take every possible care with your work, the author is entirely responsible for the accuracy of information provided and for the final product. (See Limitation of Liability below.)

To help us provide you with the best possible results, we ask that you:

We aim to improve your document without taking control from you. To help us achieve this we:


If a sample of the document is provided, we can give an estimate on any work, but don’t give quotes. We prefer to keep in close contact with you, the author, and make sure you are aware of what work needs to be done to complete your project. In the interests of keeping your costs down, we will discuss what you might do yourself and encourage and support you to do this. But if you want to hand most or all of the job to us, at least we will have discussed the details of what is to be done and how long it is likely to take.

We charge by the hour rather than by the page or the word. That means that if your written work is good, it will cost you less, but if it needs a lot of correction and improvement it will cost more. Either way, you get your money’s worth, and you are paying only for what you need.

In certain cases there may be a 15% additional charge for urgent, after hours, and weekend work.

Payment Policy:

New Zealand-based clients – please pay within 30 days of receipt of invoice via bank transfer.
Overseas clients – we will require a deposit based on an estimate of the amount of work to be done. Once the work is completed we will send a full invoice by email. When payment has been received we will forward your edited document. If the deposit is greater than the full invoice, we will promptly refund the difference.

Privacy Policy:

We treat our clients' information confidentially and will not share any of your information with anyone else without your consent, unless we are legally obliged to do so in a court of law. We are happy to complete a confidentiality agreement if requested. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Contact us


We normally treat our exchange of emails as the editorial contract with the client. However, we are happy to produce a more comprehensive contract should you desire. Please let us know if you require this service.


If you have any problems with our service please raise them directly with us, immediately. We will address them promptly.

Limitation of liability:

We provide editing suggestions and advice in good faith, seeking to assist you to improve your written work. We do our best to eliminate errors but, due to the nature of this work, we cannot guarantee perfection. The ultimate responsibility for omissions or errors remains with you, the client. All suggested changes and the finalised text should be reviewed and checked prior to publication.

100% Proof Ltd does not accept financial or legal responsibility for any document, its contents or its interpretation. All legal issues (such as plagiarism, libel, breach of privacy, and differing interpretation) are entirely the responsibility of the client. If you have any doubts about legal or financial issues related to your document, you should consult a lawyer, accountant or other relevant professional, as appropriate.

We reserve the right to amend or override these terms and conditions at any time.

Meet the Team

Chad Dick

Proofreader and Editor

Chad is an experienced and successful writer and editor, who has worked in scientific, education, technical, government, international, business and voluntary sectors. His experience includes six years as editor of a scientific journal, and he has organised several international conferences. He is a published author of many peer-reviewed science papers and a number of short stories, and, in his spare time, is currently working on both a novel and a non-fiction manuscript. His qualifications include a BSc in Chemistry, a PhD in Environmental Science, and a Diploma in Editing and Proofreading.

Kaye Robinson


Kaye has worked in a range of management, financial, communication and training roles, with extensive experience in both business and voluntary sectors. In particular, she spent time training job-seekers in the use of computers, especially word processing and publishing software, and in developing CVs. Currently she leaves most of the writing and editing work to Chad and Angela, and concentrates on assisting with the administrative side of the business.